Security Products


We have nearly 30 years experience in manufacturing and installing steel Roller Shutters. All of our shutters curtains are manufactured from 75mm galvanised steel (either solid or perforated ) as are the uprights & channel assembly and fabricated hood, all of which can be powder-coated to any RAL or BS number of your choice. All our Shutters are made to measure and installed to a high standard using up to date fixing methods to deter would be burglars.

We encourage our customers to consult the Planning Department prior to having a shutter installed as it is not always viable to fit a roller shutter. We believe that a Shutter should blend in with the environment and we are always on hand to provide advice even at the planning stage. If we can help, we will. All our Shutters can be electrically operated with a wide range of control options & add on’s available


Retractable Security Grilles are a highly cost effective deterrent and physical barrier against attack. Other security measures such as alarms and CCTV rely on a quick response and are often only effective once a break-in has occurred Grilles can be coated to a range of standard colours to blend in perfectly with decor.

Our range of Security Grilles are manufactured from aluminium and zintec coated steel offering a sleek anti-rust concertina trellis. Furthermore there are no electrics in the shutter mechanism to go wrong or service contracts required


Fire shutters can be either manual or electric roller shutters, consisting of a steel slatted curtain and galvanised steel box assembly and guide rails. The box, curtain, guide rails and bottom rail can be powder coated to a RAL or BS colour to suit any corporate colour scheme. Designed to be a security barrier during normal use and to be closed automatically during a test or an emergency situation. In the event of receiving a fire alarm signal the barrier will perform a powered descent to create a fire resistant barrier. In the event of power failure a fire shutter will close using the battery backup feature.

Fire shutters are designed for both face or reveal installations. The fire shutters have integrity ranges from 1 to 4 Hours that comply with fire regulations and can double up as a security product too.


We offer a perforated and punched aluminium shutter with added features to give many benefits over other see through shutter systems. Ideal for shop fronts, kiosks bar servery and commercial applications where vision is a necessity. Our shutters combine strength and smart appearance.
The special design ensures small coiling thus reducing the shutter box size dramatically while still retaining high levels of security.

The aluminium profiles allow vision, light and air filtration punched or perforated slots. As an acting security feature a double skinned extruded profile is fitted to every alternate lath and secured in place with a high impact end lock system. As an optional extra the punched holes can be protected with lexan strips for maximum security.
All shutters are custom made to customer requirements in polyester powder coated finish to suit standard RAL/BS colours. Operation can be by internal rod crank winding handle, tubular motor, or manual spring operated with key lock bottom rail.


We have two types of Aluminium garage doors (size dependant) both of which are automatic vertically operating insulated style with a host of features. Simply drive up to, press a button on the key-fob to see the Rolladoor effortlessly roll-up and out of sight.

The all aluminium curtain design is constructed from double skinned roll formed aluminium with a polyurethane infill for insulation and acoustic benefits giving five times more insulating properties than a conventional steel door. The compact design of the door creates extra space in your garage and your driveway. Ideal for off-road vehicles. The doors are available in a range of colours. The durable electroplated finish eliminates the need for painting ensuring your garage door continues to look good for years representing a sound investment for your home.


The new build system is a high security roller shutter that is concealed within a special purpose made lintel. The Roller shutter guides are concealed within the cavity for ultimate security. Roller shutter tracks are fitted onto purpose made cavity closure subframes which are built around during construction. The combined subframe and roller shutter guide track allow for a thermal break in the cavity and acts as a vertical damp proof course. The subframe two-part section ties both the brick and blockwork and has a substantial face return for fixing window/door frames.

Lintels are fitted with a three-part internal insulation section, fitted after roller shutter installation, this ensures high performance internal insulation and acoustic properties.
ndustrial Shutters – Add new Paragraph – Industrial shutters often incorporate a wicket personnel door to avoid operating the door whilst still offering access to the workshop or factory and in areas where high winds are a issue they come complete with wind guides with wind guide end locks to ensure the curtain is secure in the guides.


Industrial Roller Shutter Doors are used by many household named organisations as well as smaller companies alike. They provide access and security solutions to warehouses, loading bays, goods inwards stores, cold stores, car park entrances, agricultural buildings and many other ‘high usage’ locations. They can be manually operated via hand chain or either single or three phased powered dependant on size and situation.

Industrial shutters often incorporate a wicket personnel door to avoid operating the door whilst still offering access to the workshop or factory and in areas where high winds are a issue they come complete with wind guides with wind guide end locks to ensure the curtain is secure in the guides.


High speed doors are used inside and outside, these doors optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. With the ability to close your door rapidly, you can minimise the temperature fluctuations which inevitably result from having an open gap between one area and another – this is essential if you want to keep the area in question cold or warm.

We offer both vertically and horizontally opening transparent doors with a flexible curtain. They are also available in combination with sectional doors and rolling shutters, as well as with powerful, service-friendly spiral doors with smooth aluminium profiles. All high speed doors come with a powerful frequency converter control (FU) as standard. This considerably extends the lifespan of the door’s working parts.


Insulated Doors meets today’s architectural demands for aesthetics, reliability, performance and safety in use. EcoTech polyurethane foam infills ensures that a insulated door minimises energy waste, both with heat ‘flow through’ and round the curtain.

Side guides incorporate twin vertical brushes to the outer face of the guide channel and are complete with a PVC medium impact strength plastic to the inner face, a specially designed aluminium extruded bottom section protects the ground contact area. Door brackets are multi drilled and mirror imaged for easy ‘on site’ installation and all the head plates are finished with slot adjustment fixings.
Insulated doors are custom made to fit any opening and are available in galvanised steel finish or polyester powder coated in a range of complimentary colours to suit all modern building architecture. Available in both manual Handchain and electric operation our doors meet the ever increasing demand for thermal efficiency of a building right up to the finer details.


Personnel & Fire steel door available as a single, leaf and half and double door set with a very large selection of options and extras so each steel door can be tailor-made to customer requirements. This range offers unbeatable value and choice and is quick and easy to install. There are a vast range of extras that make a door suitable for any architect specification or individual requirement such as locking devices, cylinders, door closers, door handles, glazing and louvres, powder coating or priming.

Our doors are supplied fully assembled with hardware fitted as standard which when combined with our adjustable fixing feet and variable sub frame drastically reduces the installation time on site which in turn adds value to a project. The inherent durability of steel means that in areas of high traffic or potential abuse the “whole life” cost of a steel door outweighs that of a timber door set.
We can offer our External doors either primer finished, powder coated or wet spray finished and can also pattern the door blade from a range of designs to allow for a more traditional aspect to the door set. We also have a range of attractive woodgrain PVC laminates which offers the traditional look of timber with the modern durability of steel